Love’s Country stores are expected to double annual sales to $ 1 billion over the next five years.

The family-run business now has 124 locations in eight states, employs 2,200 businesses and has sales of $ 500 million. Its main market is located southwest of highways 40, 35, 20 and 10.

Tom Love, President and Chief Executive Officer, Tom Love, told the Oklahoma Venture Forum audience Wednesday that Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana and Missouri will expand in the next two years. “There are opportunities in about seven other states.” He said construction plans were “very solid” for 1998 and 1999. This growth is far from what it was when the business started 32 years ago, with a gas station in Watonga. Within 10 years of opening its first stop, Love and his wife Judy developed the process into a series of 40 independent, unbranded gas stations under the name of Musket, all in small towns. Love said that, as with all independents that day, the idea was to buy gasoline “at the cheapest possible price and sell it as quickly as possible”. “Because the margins were so low, we had to compensate for them in cash flow. We often returned all of our stocks three or four times before we had to pay the distributor – in fact, using their money to manage our enterprise.” Excessive production and international politics have almost stopped their growth. In the 1970s, when oil prices skyrocketed and the United States government interfered with price controls and privatization in the face of an oil embargo in 1974. This required creative management in which Love would buy gasoline on the spot market or from other retailers at the retail price, and then often sell it for less than it paid for. Come back. Despite this anomaly, his business managed to thrive. “We stayed open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we won customer loyalty,” said Love. “Other retailers have discovered that they can sell us at retail, and they don’t even have to open their doors. Suddenly, their gross income became their net income.” During this period, operators had to obtain approval from the United States Department of Energy to open a new outlet. Love remembers: “One of the questions on the model was” Do you think this new port will have a negative impact on the existing ones? “We have always wanted it”, we sincerely hope that this will have a negative impact on all existing points of sale. And always, the application of love has been rejected. But due to the long review and approval process, as the rejection came back, “Our new outlet has been in operation for a few months … … the poets write endless and well-chosen words to it subject, and the songwriters sing on the subject and make the Barbara Cartland fire a fortune thanks to The production of endless novels overflowing with love We all like to be loved, even if that means different things for you depending on who you are. We like different things in different ways.

From the start of life, we love our parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, family, friends and pets.

When we reach 14 or 15 and our hormones start to spurt, we begin to fall prey to the adolescent’s joy and torment.

Then we lift it up quickly and we start to get very serious in love when we reach our twenties.

We start our research all over the world because our oyster is the right person to share the rest of our lives with, in the hope of creating our own family.

Some of us find our companions, have children, have grandchildren and love forever, as it should be, or at least the story continues.

After all, nobody wants to end up being alone and old in bed.

But since two out of three marriages end in painful and costly divorce courts, happy endings are not always guaranteed.

Filmmakers can’t get enough of the subject – even huge, action-packed movies get a love corner now, though satirical viewers often fail to convince.

We love the best of old love movies, when it’s just a glimpse or a nod from Richard Burton to Elizabeth Taylor, in the right photo, it speaks more than any text it can offer.

But the two screen myths also showed Martha and George the poison and the reputation of what is happening.


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