SEATTLE – Pete Nordstrom remembers the first time he saw Bob Love at work in the family’s flagship store in downtown Seattle.

Nordstrom, a staunch basketball fan who was a member of Seattle Super Sonics forward Detlev Shrimpf at Washington University in the mid-1980s, immediately recognized the former Bulls star. Love recently ended his career at Sonics after eight seasons in Chicago.

Nordstrom said, “But, I had to ask my father.” Are these Pop Love mobile tables really in the store restaurant? “”

Pete Nordstrom, the family business co-chair, saw love again at the Seattle flagship store on Fifth Avenue this week. He had a handshake and a smile for an old friend. The burning feeling that the love story has gone beyond that of the basketball team he uses again.

Love returned to Seattle as the community relations officer for Bulls, enjoying the glitz of the record team season. He walked the streets of the city like a man at peace with himself. In the same streets, he walked once in search of work when his life reached a critical point.

Among the old friends who liked to make sure he was looking for was Charles Dudley, Nordstrom’s vice president of human resources and a former NBA goaltender who played with Bulls in 1978.

The fact that the two ended up working at Nordstrom was just a coincidence. The circumstances in which they found themselves could not be different. Dudley used his degree from the University of Washington to join the company at the retail level with a clear intention of moving up the corporate ladder.

Love, who suffered a severe handicap all his life, made him spend 11 years in the NBA by letting the baby of the soft jump speak on his behalf. Suddenly he was barely 40 years old to speak. He did what he had to do to put the food on the table.

“There are a lot of homeless people walking the streets of our big cities,” said Dudley. “Bob was not one of them. He took the job with us and saw it as a start.”

Not all NBA superstars have won $ 100,000 in one season three times. There was no good bank account to be seen, just determined not to give up.

Love said, “I never played the victim.”

Dudley saw the role of love in wiping the tables, but he never felt sorry for a man he couldn’t help but love.

“The only way I would have felt sorry for him was if he felt sorry for himself,” said Dudley. … As the war in Iraq continues, it is sometimes easy to forget that it involves real people trying to stay in a war zone. The events in the Shia holy city of Karbala this week – in which more than a million pilgrims were invited to leave due to violent attacks during a religious ceremony – are just one example of how whose war has affected people “on the ground”. Tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians and soldiers (Americans, Iraqis and others) lost their lives.

In terms of personal contact or comfort, most of us cannot help directly, but spiritual scientific prayer is a practical and specific way to contribute. Pray for the safety of all, civilians and military alike, for inspiring ideas that will help leaders work together and transcend personal agendas.

For me, the first step in such a prayer is to see the situation from a spiritual point of view, to confirm that divine love is there, and to support and guide everyone “on earth” or fly in them. tunes for a good purpose. We can pray to know that not only does divine love protect everyone, and guide them for their own benefit. Our prayers can also include the belief that people are ready to listen to the intuition they receive for love and obedience, for their safety.

This intuition may indicate that a person leaves a blocked building before a bomb explodes (or does not enter it at all). And as Psalm 91 says: “He gives you his angels to keep you in all your ways. So they stand in their hands, lest you strike your foot with a stone.” This “stone” could be a bomb by which to save a person by obeying the message of an angel.

This spiritual intuition is not limited to literal protection. The unified presence of Divine Love can touch thought within government, leading to more flexibility and openness to others. Divine love does not consider anyone or anything as a physical entity – sect, clan or group


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