The only straight line between two points in the life of the great man at Waubonsee Community College, Casey Love, is the line he takes in the hoop, a path that opponents usually cannot block.

Love entered the scene a few weeks ago. Surprising regular bosses skipped a boring season, which is unusual for the type of team coach Dave Hess used to wear on the field.

While the 6-foot-8-inch-long love of 260 pounds had not turned Waubonsee into a winner of the night and night, it helped create the level of excitement he was lacking while giving presidents hope for playoffs.

“He gave us a presence in the building,” Hess said. “For a tall man, he’s very light on his feet. He can handle basketball and has a real soft touch. He’s also one of the best archery games in our surroundings.”

Although no one had planned it in advance, it was the love launch ceremony on January 10. Waubonsee was hosting McHenry College that night and doing a very bad job. Presidents who lost sixth grade fell in the second half when Love decided to make a difference.

Loew took the midfield, while sometimes retreating to the Short Bird, Loew McKinney surpassed, scoring 16 points in six minutes, which made the bosses advance and would never give up.

Although his other performances did not match the headache of love that fell on McHenry that night, the year’s student released respectable numbers in limited play. With an average of approximately 18 minutes per match, Love scored about 12 points and lost 5 rebounds per night.

His playing time was limited due to lack of conditioning and difficulties in adapting to a different system.

“I haven’t returned yet,” Loew said. “I may be around two weeks away from being in good shape.” “My game is back, even if my cat doesn’t fall, I think. My hit is there, but I’m still slow in defense.”

So how did this sweet giant, a man with a sweet voice like physical intimidation, end up in Sugar Grove? It is not easy to answer.

“I traveled a lot, I moved,” Loew said. “I was lucky to see a little of everything. It was difficult with friends, adapted to school, or a way to do things. I like it here because it is quiet I can be at peace and I can focus.”

Love graduated from Downers Grove South in 1998 and could have been on the Heiss list next winter.

“We’ve already hired him out of high school,” Hesse said. “At the time, he weighed about 300 pounds, was in fact out of shape and was having trouble climbing and getting off the ground.”

Love picked Kennedy-King of Chicago but he broke his ankle before the start of the season and didn’t play. The following year, he was in Triton, where he played the first half of the season before becoming disqualified. In the next year and a half, love moved, first to Arizona, then to California. While most college players lift their games to new levels, Love lets slip.

Love said, “It didn’t help me.” “I didn’t play under the referees, I only played the ball once or twice a week. I didn’t play as I should have …


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