If you’ve been to New York, you may have seen the Statue of Liberty. The concept called freedom is actually represented in this glossy form of copper coated with copper to the point that people all over the world are realizing the symbol of victory over oppression.

Of course, the mixture of copper and steel is not the same freedom. This beautiful statue is clearly a symbol of important thought. However, sometimes, the boundaries between ideas and symbols can become blurred. In fact, it can be very easy to mix a physical symbol with a spiritual concept.

For example, as young children, we can sometimes mistake a daily physical thing called food for a spiritual concept called love. Love is an unnatural concept. Food is clearly not. Food is not a bad thing, but it is definitely not love. When the kids were, many of us received food either as a big reward or as a condolence when we didn’t feel better: “You shouldn’t feel sad. What if I did something good to you? Eat?” Then the expression “comfortable food” became “love of food.” As a result, as adults, we can always strive to get that approval, comfort and love in tokens – food – and swallow everything on excess dishes.

Another mysterious connection between spirituality and materialism relates to the desire to buy things – things that may not be necessary. Shopping is necessary, but simply buying something because we think we deserve it may indicate the search for love by being the recipient of things. It is not difficult to understand that we can make this kind of mixture and then accidentally associate gifts with love.

It is good to think enough to give a gift. This feeling is spiritual, however, and is not synonymous with the item in the box. It can also do the opposite. The gifts we give to others can be mixed with our perception of what love itself is. The gifts are great, but it is important that the gift to someone is not the only language that says “I really love you”.

Mary Baker Eddy wrote in her book “Science and Health in the Concept of the Bible”, “Metaphysics transforms things into ideas and exchanges logical things with thoughts of the soul” (p. 269). Metaphysics takes things in a much better direction. Instead of solving thoughts in things – love in a piece of chocolate cake, for example – pushes us beyond death, meaning the present state that we all have as immortal creatures of God who is divine love. …
Last year, credit card debt in the United States amounted to $ 937 billion, according to the American Values ​​Institute’s report “For a New Prosperity: Confronting a Debt Culture” (New York Times), David Brooks, “The Great Temptation,” June. 10, 2008).

When people pray to God for answers to debt problems, rational care and gentle counseling from God are at hand. Many have found a glimpse of this divine nurture in “Science and Health with the Key to the Scriptures” by Mary Baker Eddy, founder of this magazine. Science and health help explain many passages in the Bible, including this line of the Lord’s prayer: “And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors” (Matthew 6:12). Eddie explained this line in this way: “Love is reflected in love” (p. 17).

Praying on these lines is not a superficial request of God to suppress religion. Instead, it opens up a person’s heart to understand the existence of love, its power and its highest peace. This erases fear, anxiety, and limited thought that closes the door to the limitless possibilities of love for good. Starting with a clearer sense of God as unwavering love, we can pray to feel more deeply that love is here with all of us, no matter how difficult the situation is. Love, God, give us courage and strength.

Because man, the universal term that includes both men and women, is created in love, we can pray so that we feel the fullness of God’s love at the center of our existence. That the image of love means being without burden, resentment, threat or guilt. Praying for life from a similar point of spiritual love is the fulfillment of our first duty as children of God.

When it becomes clearer, it is natural for you to search for the kindness of love and to grow and trust in those around us,


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