Looking at some of Helen Love’s early portraits, you can imagine that she was one of the bright lights in Mackay High School courtyard during her stay as a student in the 1920s.

One of the oldest faithful parents died in Mackay, just three months before his 100th birthday. Margaret Helen Love (Ne Cumming), known to her family and many friends as Helen, was born on October 6, 1912, at her family’s home, 27 Victoria Street, Macae.

His son Arthur Love, who now lives in Brisbane where successful vascular surgeon spoke, has spoken of many beautiful memories he had about his late mother. She seems to be living a very social life, as Arthur Love notes.

She left me many pictures that she kept all these years, and she tells a great story about her life in Mackay when she was young.

Helen Love was the fifth child of her parents, Charles Alexander Cumming and his wife Maple Annie Cumming. With her brother Robin and five sisters Marjorie, Olive, Dolce, Neta and Elsa, she grew up in the family home in Victoria St., where she lived until her marriage to Horace Arthur Love on January 2, 1942. Helen and Horace lived a wartime love story.

Arthur Love said: “They were supposed to commit, but then the father was loaned to the war, so the engagement was postponed.”

Horace Love, who was serving in the 2/25 Battalion, was shot and wounded by machine guns in Syria. One of Helen’s friends from MacKay was Mr. Barley Williams, who saved Mr. Love from the direct fire and thus saved his life. A- The father was absent about three years ago when the income was blessed. Arthur said they were married shortly after his return.

Helen Love attended MacKay High School in the late 1920s, passed state tests in November 1929, and earned grades A, Four B, and One C. After receiving commendable results, Helen continued her studies at Stott, Hoare and Dobell’s Business College where She got her shorthand certificate in November 1930.

AMother was proud of his accomplishments at Mackay State High School and Business School. …
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